01/24/2013 05:35 am ET Updated Jan 24, 2013

'Modern Family': Gloria Reveals She May Have Stolen Her Sister's Life (VIDEO)

With the christening of the new baby upon them, Gloria's mother and sister came by for a visit on "Modern Family." It was immediately apparent where Gloria got her intimidation techniques from -- her mother is terrifying. Suddenly, Jay found himself in the Phil role of trying to desperately please his in-law.

The biggest revelation of the episode might have been how much Gloria seemed to steal the life that could have been her sister's. She admitted to Claire that she took a job opportunity in America away from her sister. Then, at the christening, Jay said that he'd sent a drink over to Gloria's sister, and that Gloria only accepted it in error. The rest is history, but their lives are so very different that history quickly led to anger.

While Gloria is living a life of relative luxury, her sister is still living a life filled with all those shocking stories about her home that Gloria loves to tell. Claire thought she was Gloria's new maid because she kept doing housework, and even asked where the river was so that she could do laundry.

In the end, Phil and Gloria agreed to help her sister get her own life started in a better direction. And to make up for what she did, Gloria was willing to part with some of her dresses, though she may have to draw a hard line at passing along any of her shoes.

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