01/24/2013 04:48 am ET Updated Jan 24, 2013

'Nashville': Juliette And Her Mother Have A Long-Awaited Heart-To-Heart Discussion (VIDEO)

Juliette Barnes does have a heart! In fact, she didn't come across nearly as bratty as she'd been in the past during the latest hour of "Nashville." Her irritation at Rayna James getting the lion's share of the credit for their duet was actually somewhat warranted. And while she didn't do her mother any favors at her hearing -- Juliette talked on her mother's behalf, but had very little to say -- she made up for it with a heart-to-heart later.

Deacon helped convince her to care about her mother's recovery as much as she was caring about his struggle with sobriety. So she told her mother she was proud of the strides she'd made to get her life back on track, after which her mother told Juliette how proud she was. The women didn't hug -- they're not there, yet -- but they did both tear up in the moment.

Deacon didn't fall off the wagon, but he was in a bad way. Juliette knew that if he wasn't involved with music, he just might. So she took the bold step of convincing him to join her band. And, of course, she didn't bother to tell Rayna. That's one relationship neither woman is looking to work on.

And since Rayna doesn't have her own jet, it was probably with some gleeful delight that Juliette didn't warn her before Deacon boarded the plane. That way she could see the look on Rayna's face when she told her that Deacon had joined her band.

The drama continues on "Nashville" every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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