01/24/2013 11:18 am ET

On Enlightenment: Gabrielle Bernstein, Marie Forleo And Mastin Kipp Reveal The Steps To Spirituality (VIDEO)

You don't need to be religious to live a more spiritual life. On a recent episode of "Super Soul Sunday," up-and-coming spiritual teachers Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp and Marie Forleo talked with Oprah about becoming spiritual -- and each gave his or her thoughts on enlightment -- and how to achieve it. Here's what they had to say:

Gabrielle Bernstein: "It’s a lot more simple than we make it. The first step is to be willing. Once we become willing to know more, when we have that moment of, 'Is this it? There has to be a better way....' The second you say, 'I’m willing to see things differently; I’m willing to know more,' what you need will be given to you. But the next step is to pay attention to those opportunities and those teachers and those assignments. Because we can be willing, but then just go right back to the phone or right back to the drugs or right back to the lover or whatever.... And then the third step is to show up for the assignments. So you can pay attention to them, but you must show up."

Mastin Kipp: "So for me, I like to reference, as always, Joseph Campbell.... He [said] that we are not looking for the meaning of life as much as we are looking for the experience of being alive. And you know, Campbell’s coined phrase that sums up his whole life’s work of everything he ever studied is, 'Follow your bliss.' So that means pay attention to those moments when you’re lit up, when time just flies by. When you’re in like sort of that field of just joyful expression, which is generally in contribution and being of service of some kind. Some sense of connection in your life. And then to be able to take action in that direction and trust that as you step, something will come to support you. So, it’s really about, instead of 'What can I get, how can I take, how can I manipulate?' the question is, 'What can I give?' And when you look at what makes you happy, what makes you come alive -- as in following your bliss -- you look at those patterns, because if you look back, they’re there. And you step out into that."

Marie Forleo: "I would say the first place to start is gratitude. Because I feel like once you have a sense of gratitude for exactly what you have right now in your life -- whatever you have right now in your life -- it starts to change the framework, the lens through which you see everything. And I feel like it changes us on a cellular level.... So when we’re grateful, I’d say that’s step one.... Number two is presence. Can you be present to everything around in your environment? Can you bring that life energy, that God energy to everyone and everything that you touch? When you’re present, it’s almost like the world exists in 3-D. It’s like high def. Everything comes clear. And you feel different. And then, for me, passion. I think there [are] a lot of misconceptions about passion -- for people to find their passion -- and oftentimes we think that that’s outside of ourselves. And this is one of the biggest lessons I’ve ever learned: The secret, ironically, to finding our passion is to bring passion to everything that we do. It’s like a muscle that we can build through use. Through strengthening it."

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