01/24/2013 04:48 am ET Updated Jan 24, 2013

'Toddlers & Tiaras': Mom Breastfeeds 3-Year-Old Daughter To 'Give Her Everything She Needs To Win' (VIDEO)

Natali was fighting for her independence on the latest "Toddlers & Tiaras" despite being only three-years-old. She'd decided she no longer wanted her parents to come on stage with her during her pageants.

But she wasn't trying to be grown up in all things. Natali still breast feeds. Her mother, Holly, said that they'd just never weaned her from nursing.

"As a mom, I just feel like I should do everything I possibly can to protect Natali and give her everything she needs to win," Holly explained. "And if other people don’t like it they just don’t have to look." What she didn't explain was exactly how breastfeeding would help Natali win child beauty pageants.

Regardless, Natali did win, though it wasn't a supreme title. And Holly isn't alone in breastfeeding her child as she gets older. Time magazine garnered quite a bit of publicity -- and controversy -- with their May cover featuring a woman breastfeeding a child even older than Natali.

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