01/24/2013 03:32 pm ET

Top 10 NBA Power Forwards Of 2013

The NBA's small forward position is well represented by the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony, but the league's modern-day power forward must be able to rebound while stretching the floor and playing away from the basket.

Minnesota's Kevin Love -- who just recently underwent surgery for a fractured hand -- has helped redefine the position with his remarkable versatility and efficiency as a shooter (37 percent from three last year) and glass-eater.

Then there is Oklahoma City power forward Serge Ibaka. When the Seattle Sonics drafted him 24th in 2008, Ibaka was purely a defensive force and shot-blocker. In just four seasons, he has morphed into one of basketball's most efficient mid-range shooters and an elite pick-and-pop option for point guard Russell Westbrook. In the pivotal 10- to 15-foot range, Ibaka has improved his shooting percentage from 25.6 percent last season to 55.6 percent this season (per Ibaka, still just 23 years old, has also maintained a presence as a premier rim protector. For the second consecutive season, he leads the league in blocks, averaging a robust 2.8 per game.

Alongside Ibaka and Love, here are the NBA's 10 best power forwards:

Top Ten NBA Power Forwards

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