01/24/2013 04:47 am ET Updated Jan 24, 2013

'Workaholics': Robert Englund Brings The Horror, Which Adam Is Terrified Of (VIDEO)

Renovations at the office made the perfect setting for a "Workaholics" horror episode. It started with a horror movie marathon that left Adam so crippled with fear that he stayed awake all night. When the guys found him the next morning, he'd gone so far as to tape his eyes open.

That day at the office, Blake found a picture down in the basement of a creepy older man. That older man turned out to be a former employee there, played by Robert Englund. Blake convinced himself that Englund's character was some kind of horrific child molester who was haunting the office.

When Adam freaked out and ran to the bathroom to hide, Englund got to do a fun send-up of his most iconic role, Freddy Krueger. Adam started to hallucinate in the bathroom -- he did skip a night of sleep after all -- so it was perfectly appropriate that Englund was there to taunt him in this dream-state.

Ultimately, it turned out that there were no ghosts, and that nothing was really happening other than a coworker cutting his finger on a paper cutter. Adam was just losing his mind due to lack of sleep. The rest of what went down was due to their usual idiocy.

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