01/25/2013 03:56 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2013

'30 Rock': Liz Sees Some Very Familiar Behavior In Her New Twins (VIDEO)

In typical "TGS" fashion, with the show's life on the line, nobody stepped up to help Liz try and save it. And so she found herself stuck in the studio while Criss was headed to the airport to meet their new twins on the penultimate half-hour of "30 Rock." A mix-up meant the kids were coming earlier than the couple had anticipated.

Tracy and Jenna stepped up -- by quitting. In fact, everyone quit the show, so that Liz could do what really mattered. She quickly left them behind, only to sort of find them again once she arrived at the airport.

The twins arrived, and they were both unexpected and familiar. For one thing, they were a little blonde, white girl and a little black boy. For another thing, they exhibited almost identical personalities to Jenna and Tracy.

"Is that a camera? I'm going to need you on my good side," their new daughter Janet declared.

Then their new son, Terry, held up an animal carrier. "What up, Liz Lemon?" he said. "I will not be able to attend school tomorrow because of an issue with my lizard."

Looks like the end of "TGS" won't mean as much change as Liz might have thought. As for "30 Rock," come back next Thursday for the one-hour series finale at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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