01/25/2013 02:18 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2013

Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman Throw Down In Epic CNBC Brawl: 'That's Complete Bulls**t'

On Friday, it was Carl "Tae-Cahn-do" Icahn versus Bill "The Axman" Ackman in what some people were calling the best financial TV "of all time."

The two hedge fund managers got in a knock-down drag-out war of words on CNBC's Fast Money after Ackman called the nutrient supplement company Herbalife a "pyramid scheme," according to CNBC. Icahn called into the studio after the commercial break ready for a donnybrook over Ackman's recent short sell of the company's stock.

"I've really sort of had it with this guy Ackman," Icahn told CNBC, according to Business Insider. Icahn also compared Ackman to a "little Jewish boy crying," the Daily Intelligencer reports.

At one point, Icahn exclaimed, "that's complete bullshit!" in reference to Ackman's remarks.

Ackman defended his position, saying the problem with Icahn is that "he's not used to someone stepping up to him." The two men have a history of fighting with each other that dates back to 2003 when a deal over a real estate company soured, Business Insider reports.

Not surprisingly, the Twitter reaction to the spat has been nearly as colorful as the fight itself:



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