01/25/2013 02:43 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2013

Christian Bale Talks Batman In Heartwarming Call With Boy Battling Leukemia (VIDEO)

For many, Zach Guillot is a superhero.

But the 8-year-old who has been battling a more resistant form of leukemia for almost three years, had the tables turned on him when his hero Christian Bale gave him a call, ABC News reports. His family filmed the Jan. 18 phone conversation and posted it on YouTube.

"I have my own little Batmobile made out of cardboard, I've got the real mask and everything," Guillot, a big Batman fan, told the “Dark Knight Rises” star from his hospital bed at the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

"You know what? I had to give mine back. They wouldn't let me keep mine,” Bale answered about the loss of his Batmobile. “You're lucky you get to have one and run around and tell people you are Batman."

Guillot confessed with a grin that his younger brother, Jake, believes he actually is Batman and prefers Robin. “Well that works really well. You can be the dynamic duo together,” the Welsh-born actor responded, “You can be Batman and he can be Robin.”

The nine-minute phone call was arranged by a family friend who called Bale’s agent, a spokesperson for the Seattle Children’s Hospital told

In his phone conversation with Zach Guillot, the “Dark Knight” star reminded the Batman fan of the superhero’s inherent humanity.

“The whole point of the movie is that anybody can be Batman,” Bale said, “Anybody could be as strong as that and help people and put good out into the world.”

Back in July, Bale visited survivors of the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colo., the Denver Post reported.

The Guillot family have set up a Facebook page to follow Zach's progress and inform others on becoming bone marrow donors. Learn more here.

Check out heartwarming photos of Zach below.

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