01/25/2013 12:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

CPS Erotic Website Email: CEO's Message To Parents Accidentally Links to 'Naughty' Sex Site

A number of parents of Chicago Public Schools students got a surprise on Thursday when an e-mail intended to inform them of changes to the Illinois Standards Achievement Test were directed, instead, to an erotic website.

According to CBS Chicago, the CPS e-mail included a typo in its hyperlink to the Illinois State Board of Education's website with the inclusion of an extra letter (an "L") in the web address.

So, instead of seeing this -- nice!
cps erotic website email link

CPS parents saw this -- naughty!
cps adult website email

Oops! CPS spokeswoman Becky Carroll explained that the mistake was, of course, unintentional and CPS apologized for the slipup. But the owner of the erotic website noted to the Chicago Sun-Times that the linkage resulted in an unexpected surge of new sign-ups for its "private invite-only community that works together to explore and enrich the modern woman's sex life and sensuality."