01/25/2013 07:06 pm ET Updated Jan 28, 2013

Muhammad Ali's 'Candid Camera' Segment Hilarious, Touching (VIDEO)

Insofar as pulling off a fearsome prank goes, few men rival the awesome potential of Muhammad Ali in his prime. And in a "Candid Camera" clip produced circa 1974, Ali realizes that potential in an endearing series of interviews with kids.

One boy offers to introduce Ali to his sister. Another challenges him to arm wrestle. Others offer Ali advice, like how to manage his confidence.

According to, students at PS 41 in New York's Greenwich Village were asked what they would tell "The Greatest" if they ever had the chance. As they answered, Ali would sneak up and start a conversation.

The results are just as wonderful as you'd expect.

Watch the video above, and view another touching video featuring Ali and Candid Camera's host, Allen Funt, below.



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