01/25/2013 02:01 pm ET

Neurotics Anonymous In Spanish Is Known As Grupo Serenidad And They Meet In East L.A. To Share Their Stories

Hi, I'm J. and I'm neurotic.

The barrel-chested man with jet black hair stops and sighs. Then, with quick cadence and a booming baritone, he shares his obsession: I sniff my girlfriend's clothes for the scent of another lover.

Hi, I'm M. and I'm neurotic.

The buxom Latina, who wears severe black eyeliner and habitually sniffs and sprays her hair with perfume at meetings, talks about her exercise addiction and how she can't stop sobbing.

Hi, I'm A. and I'm still neurotic.

The Mexico City transplant with a well-groomed mustache and pristine white Converse sneakers blinks rapidly and smiles as he explains, proudly, that it's been five years since he punched someone.

Neurotics Anonymous is in session. In Spanish.

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