01/25/2013 03:09 pm ET

'Only In Miami' On Twitter: The Week's Best #OnlyInMiami Tweets

Each week we have our chuckles at the bizarre antics in this city from the folks making a left turn from the right lane three lanes over to a Goya truck leading the Three Kings Parade.

But not every 'Only In Miami' moment is funny.

This week, a woman witnessed a man board her bus with one of his facial features in a jar.

The gruesome moment stands out amongst tweets noting the omnipresence of reggateon and bilingual headaches in Miami.

We didn’t come across any news stories about how the man might have lost part of his face.

But we're imagining the worst, considering a Miami mother was recently robbed and shot in the face, and a 305 baby recently suffered a gunshot wound before she was even born.

Imagine living in a city where such horrendous moments of unabashed violence were not met with 'Only In Miami' but instead, 'How did this happen here?!?"

Maybe one day, we'll get there.



The Week's Best 'Only in Miami' Tweets