01/25/2013 04:04 am ET

'Parks & Recreation': Ron Admits That He Loves Diane, Lets Her Girls Cut Their Own Hair (VIDEO)

Things are going really, really well with Ron and Diane on "Parks & Recreation." So well that he agreed to watch her rambunctious daughters, though he did rope Ann into helping. Shockingly, Ann proved even more awkward than Ron with the kids. She finally connected with them by helping them play doctor.

Unfortunately, the girls later locked the door to perform "surgery" and then got their hands on some scissors. While Jerry fumbled through a massive assortment of keys to unlock the door, there was nothing Ron could do as the girls proceeded to hack one another's hair off.

"I love this woman and I just wanna show her that I’m capable of watching her children, without something horrible happening," Ron confessed to Ann, delighting both her and the girls.

He tried to quickly deny the "L" word, but when Diane later said the same back to him -- she wasn't even mad about the girls' hack job -- Ron echoed his earlier sentiment.

Let's all say it together with the girls. "Ron loves Mommy! Ron loves Mommy!"

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