01/25/2013 02:56 pm ET

Patrick Duffy Retells One Of Larry Hagman's Favorite Stories On 'The View'

When actor Larry Hagman passed away this past November at age 81, the "Dallas" star left behind his wife, two kids and a slew of adoring fans and friends.

Among those friends is "Dallas" co-star Patrick Duffy, who described Hagman as his “best friend,” and “the funniest individual in the world” on "The View" yesterday.

“There’s no secret hidden agendas with that man, ever,” said Duffy. “And that’s why, I think, he and I became instant best friends 35 years ago -- because I just looked at him and went ‘Oh. You’re my best friend, aren’t cha?’”

What Duffy remembered most about his friend was his love of storytelling and physical comedy. Duffy shared one of his favorite stories Larry Hagman shared with him years ago on "The View." To hear the hilarious story, watch the clip above.