01/26/2013 11:05 am ET

Stay Fit At Home: 8 Indoor Ways To Move More

Scared to step outside thanks to this frigid cold spell? Being cooped up at home doesn't have to mean a movie marathon fueled by bowl after bowl of butter popcorn!

1. Do Your Chores
From cleaning out the cupboards or reorganizing a closet to sweeping the floors and scrubbing the tub, many of the most tedious chores on your list come with a little silver lining -- you're forced to move around to get them done. So stop moaning about putting the laundry away!

2. Take Commercial Breaks
Commercial breaks are built-in reminders to get up and move around -- as long as you don't find yourself in the kitchen! Kick it up a notch with some easy bodyweight exercises, like burpees or squats, and you could burn 10 calories in every two-and-a-half-minute commercial break.

3. Put Down The Remote
Obviously it's not a far walk from the couch to the cable box, but even those few extra steps can add up!

4. Laugh
If you're set on parking yourself on the couch, at least flip to a comedy, the funnier the better. Cracking up burns about one calorie a minute -- and can also help you relax, sleep better, live longer and even keep you safe from colds and flu.

5. Get Competitive
Video game junkies have no excuse, with options like Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution to provide in-home entertainment with a side of sweat. Challenge the kids -- or a roommate -- to a little friendly competition.

6. Cook
Got hungry mouths to feed? That time spent on your feet slicing and dicing definitely counts! Between the prep work and the cooking and the clean up afterward, you can burn around 70 calories in half an hour. Extra points for making something healthy!

7. Dance
Lower the blinds, turn on the tunes and get grooving. You know you do it when you're home alone anyway, so why not consider the health benefits? You can burn 20 calories after just one four-minute song.

8. Redecorate
Instead of just perusing Pinterest, make some of the living room changes you've been fantasizing about. Shuffling household furniture around for 30 minutes can burn more than 200 calories.



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