01/26/2013 01:07 pm ET

Turkish Airplane Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Engine Fire (VIDEO)

A Turkish plane headed for Izmir from Istanbul's Ataturk Airport was forced to make an emergency landing late Thursday after a lightning strike ignited an engine fire.

Dramatic footage of the incident was captured by Bertan Atay, a passenger aboard the aircraft, who not only had the wherewithal to film it, but kept the camera impressively steady throughout the entire ordeal.

According to the Telegraph, the pilot activated the engine's fire extinguishing equipment and landed the plane safely

From the Associated Press:

Amateur video taken from the ground and broadcast by private NTV television showed a flame shooting in the night sky.

Fortunately, all 114 passengers went uninjured.

This isn't the first time a photographer has felt compelled to break out a camera to capture fellow passengers during a stressful moment.

In May of 2011, Reuters photographer Beawiharta captured a series of eerie photos aboard a flight from Singapore to Jakarta that also suffered from an engine fire.

(h/t Gawker)

Watch Atay's video above. A spectator also captured footage from the ground (view video below):