01/28/2013 01:51 pm ET Updated Jan 28, 2013

Chilean Sundance Winner, Sebastian Silva, Discusses His Sundance Films With Cast

In "Magic Magic," which premiered at Sundance as part of the Midnight section, a fun-loving holiday goes horribly awry. But it isn't so much a horror film as an exploration of insanity, selfishness and emotional brutality that leaves audiences weirded out.

Filmmaker Sebastian Silva was in Sundance with two films, both starring Michael Cera, and Silva picked up a directing prize for his "Crystal Fairy" in the International Dramatic competition. His film "The Maid" had previously won the International Dramatic Grand Jury prize.

As "Magic Magic" begins, Sarah (Emily Browning), studying abroad in Chile, is joined by her cousin Alicia (Juno Temple) for a weekend getaway with friends, including a diplomat's eccentric son known as Brink (Michael Cera). As their journey goes on, Alicia starts acting stranger and stranger, until it seems she is having some sort of full-blown mental collapse. Talk about a bad trip.

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