01/28/2013 10:44 am ET

Cyclone Oswald: Foam-Covered Car Almost Hits Police Officers (VIDEO)

Even after reading the headline, you won't see it coming.

An incredible amateur video (seen above) shows a car emerging from massive amounts of sea foam to nearly run over two police officers standing in the street. The car, buried deep in the foam, was almost impossible to see until the last second.

The video was shot on Australia's Sunshine Coast, just north of the eastern city of Brisbane, where cyclone Oswald caused the ocean to get so choppy that parts of the coast were buried in nearly 10 feet of sea foam.

The video was posted to Brisbane Times on Monday.

The cyclone has already taken the lives of three people and has prompted thousands to evacuate, reports the Guardian. Winds rose to 80 mph in the city of Brisbane, where over 58,000 homes lost electricity as of Sunday, reports the Australian.

(hat tip, 9News)