01/28/2013 07:10 am ET

'Finding Bigfoot': Eyewitness Accounts And Physical Evidence In West Virginia (VIDEO)

Two eyewitness accounts drew the "Finding Bigfoot" team to Greenbrier River, West Virginia. Many residents claim to have seen a sasquatch in the area, but one teen had pictures of the creature. This would have been impressive enough had a couple not had what is perhaps the most elusive thing to find: physical evidence of the existence of the creature.

Matt Moneymaker was very excited by their find. "These are squatchers -- are very fine hairs," he said of the hairs collected by the couple. "It’s the first time the hairs were found where they had a sighting; where two witnesses saw it."

The team sent off the hair samples to the lab for examination, but the results came back inconclusive. In fact, all of their investigations in Greenbrier River proved inconclusive, but that does little to deter the determined.

Is this show where people are really going to be "Finding Bigfoot"? Tune in Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on Animal Planet to find out.

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