01/28/2013 09:33 am ET Updated Jan 28, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence, SAG Awards Backstage: 'I'm Still Waiting To Get A Couple Tips On How To Shut Up' (VIDEO)

This is undoubtedly the year of Jennifer Lawrence. The gorgeous 22-year-old has taken Hollywood by storm: She has the press smitten and the fans gobbling up her every performance on- and off-screen. At the SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) Awards yesterday, Jen won the award for Best Actress and gave us, yet again, ample reason to love her.

While accepting her award onstage, Lawrence -- who won for her role as a young widower struggling with mental illness in "Silver Linings Playbook" -- recalled the MTV gig that got her the SAG card, referred to her award as "a naked man" and called Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein "a rascal." Backstage at the press room, Lawrence kept it coming.

When asked to conjure up acting advice she's been given as well as any tips on getting through red carpet events, Lawrence said that she "grew up in a normal family, and I have mostly normal friends, so I haven't really had too many people give me very much advice. I'm normally just like, 'oh my god! What are you doing?'"

"But the people who I have worked with, mostly they don't really give advice; it's mostly just support and love," said the beauty. "I've been so honored to work with such incredible people that I've learned from," she said, adding: "But I think you can probably tell from my public speaking, I haven't gotten that much advice on it, and red carpets as well. I'm still waiting to get a couple tips on how to shut up!"

Afterward, when asked what advice she would give the younger version of herself, the one she referenced while accepting the award, Lawrence jokingly said, "I would never tell that version of me that this was going to happen! I would become a nightmare ... I was a 14-year-old idiot."

As for the medical scare that kept her away from the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Awards on Saturday (Jen was reportedly sick with pneumonia the entire weekend), Lawrence said she's a lot better, was put on a lot of medication and got "a really cool inhaler."

That girl just keeps charming her way into our hearts.



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