01/28/2013 11:28 am ET Updated Jan 28, 2013

Justin Bieber Assault: Singer Reportedly Investigated For Nerf Gun Incident

Justin Bieber is reportedly being accused of assault... with a Nerf gun.

The incident dates back to November 2012, when Bieber was performing in Ottawa, Canada. The singer and his 3-year-old brother and 4-year-old sister were playing with Nerf guns, when a female security guard working the concert was reportedly caught in the crossfire and hit with one of the foam darts, according to TMZ.

Sources told TMZ that the woman became angry and told the singer's team that she was an employee of the venue. She then filed a police report against Bieber, claiming the pop star or someone else "assaulted her," according to TMZ. It is unclear if the dart came from Bieber's gun, but police have already interviewed some people who were there when the Nerf gun fight went down.

An Ottawa police officer told the New York Post that he had no information regarding the alleged Nerf-assault case. “I haven’t heard anything about it -- but then again, I’m not a fan,” he said.

Ottawa police could not confirm if there are any charges pending against Bieber, according to the Ottawa Sun.

The Nerf gun incident is just the latest odd allegation against the 18-year-old "Boyfriend" singer.

Last week, radio host Colette Harrington Schwoeri claimed Bieber may have spit in her water bottle during a workout at the gym at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel in North Carolina. She reportedly filed a complaint with the hotel.

On Jan. 20, a woman dropped a $9 million lawsuit against the teen superstar after previously claiming that Bieber had riled up a crowd so much that their screams caused her ear damage.



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