01/28/2013 04:12 pm ET

Kate Gosselin Launches 'The Stir' Column

Kate Gosselin is once again an employed woman, after being fired from her last job at CouponCabin.com in October. She announced Thursday that she would be launching a new column on The Stir, but she's likely making a lot less than the reported $2,499,000 she made from her reality shows.

“I was paid $1,000 per day,” another reality star mom who worked for the same site told The Huffington Post. “Kate might be getting double that but there is no way she would getting any more.”

Kate's first post focuses on her pending 38th birthday in March and the thought of the looming 40. She also hinted at other upcoming projects beyond blogging, but made clear that she is focused on being a mom. Gosselin writes:

And putting my career work aside, the new year has been whipping my butt on the home front: following a busy Christmas, a week-long family trip, and then a three-week-long home maintenance marathon led by a close family friend who is a jack of all trades and master of ALL (in which I wielded a hammer and other such tools -- learning details of plumbing, building, and repairing from a master). I am still trying to get organized and settled into 2013!

Kristina Tipton, the site's spokeswoman, declined to comment on the subject of Gosselin’s new compensation. Gosselin's manager did not return a request for comment.



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