01/28/2013 08:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Melanie Griffith And Tippi Hedren Have A Precious Mother Daughter Moment (PHOTO)

Some mothers pass down their good looks, others pass along their unique talents and a few give their offspring their charisma. It seems as though Melanie Griffith got all these traits from her mom, Tippi Hedren. Both Hedren and Mrs. Antonio Banderas are famous actress' who have taken Hollywood by storm, winning Golden Globes for their performances on the big screen. The mother-daughter duo not only have skills when it comes to acting, but they both have a great sense of style that can rival just about anyone.

In this 1966 photograph we see the pair sporting gorgeous '60s dresses. Melanie wears a paisley shift dress, while her mother dons a long-sleeved lace number. Although this photograph was taken over 45 years ago, both looks are still very much in fashion. It seems as though shiny locks are another genetic trait they share, as both ladies could walk right into a shampoo commercial. We wonder what their secret is?

tippi hedren melanie griffith

Getty Images/Max B. Miller

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Art by Raydene Salinas

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