01/28/2013 01:01 pm ET

Parenting Teens Tips: Students Offer Parents Advice On Talking To Their Teenagers (VIDEO)

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When it comes to teenagers, there are some things that parents just don't understand.

So, last week on the Today Show, college student Lucie Fink and high school student and HuffPost Teen blogger Sam Koppelman joined child and adolescent psychologist Jennifer Harstein and host Matt Lauer to give parents the DL on talking to their teens.

The first thing that parents should know? Teens don't distinguish between online and offline relationships. Fink and Koppelman both argued that parents should take note of this basic fact of teen life when discussing the Manti Te'o scandal with their kids.

"I think what's really different about our generation is we don't group online relationships and interpersonal relationships any differently. We think that they're all the same thing, kind of," says Koppelman. "We talk to someone online, we text them, we email them, we chat with them, and then we see them in person."

Watch the video above to hear the rest of Fink and Koppelman's tips for parents on talking to teens about spring break, texting and more.

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