01/28/2013 01:39 pm ET

Pro Bowl Fight: Fans Brawl In Stands While AFC Players Watch On (VIDEO)

The most intense moment of the Pro Bowl may have occurred in the stands. With the players on the AFC sideline looking on, spectators engaged in a big brawl during the NFL's all-star showcase.

In portion of the action captured in the video above, a man sporting an Andre Johnson jersey appeared to throw the first punch -- which was one of many -- before several others joined in. Later, another man runs down the steps and collides into a woman standing in the aisle a few feet away from the commotion. He, along with with the fan in the Andre Johnson jersey, tumbled over the railing and onto the sideline.

Although stadium security didn't appear to be overly alarmed by the fracas, the fight was eventually diffused as the AFC players watched on.

With fan violence a recurring problem at sporting events, this incident isn't the first time that a meaningless football game has been marred by such a fight. During a 2011 preseason game between the 49ers and Raiders, a brawl occurred in the stands along with a beating in a restroom and a shooting in the parking lot of Candlestick Park. After almost every weekend of the NFL season, videos of such disturbances are uploaded to YouTube of fans.

Apparently, the weekend of the Pro Bowl is no exception.

(H/T to The Big Lead)