01/29/2013 09:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

UK Baby Sam Cooper-Stevens Rescued After Being Submerged In Icy Water For 5 Minutes Strapped To Stroller (VIDEO)

When Kate Cooper took her son, just six months old, out for a leisurely marina Sunday stroll in Watchet, U.K, the morning suddenly took a turn for the worst.

A sudden gust of wind swept little Sam Cooper-Steven off the sea wall and into the ice water below. The boy plummeted 12-feet and was submerged for five minutes strapped to his stroller before he was rescued, according to the Telegraph.

"The mother was there and she said 'My baby has gone in the water',' so I went to the edge and I could see the pushchair upside down, floating away," George Reeder a 63-year-old dockmaster told told Sky News after rushing to the scene when he heard the mother's screams."I just jumped in and pulled the pushchair back over to the edge of the quay, and then somebody put a rope down over and I tied it on and they lifted it out."

Once Sam was out of the water Tanya Allen, a 43-year-old a nurse, who had also heard the mother's screams performed CPR on baby Sam and resuscitated him.

"That feeling you have when you have your first kid is pretty amazing but to see them die and come back to life is awesome, you can't explain that," Martyn Stevens, Sam's father, told the Telegraph on Allen's actions.

Although she received CPR training, Allen, a psychiatric nurse, had never performed the emergency procedure in a real-life situation before, she told Sky News.

"I didn't think he was going to survive, to be honest, no. But I thought I will do it (resuscitation) anyway. You know, you've got to have a go," she told the Manchester Evening News.

It was only when the nurse saw water escape the infant's mouth and watched him take a few breaths that she knew hope wasn't lost, she described to the news outlet.

Sam was later flown to a nearby hospital and his condition is no longer life-threatening, according to a statement made by a spokesman for the Somerset Police.

Reeder remains humble about his actions and sees the rescue as part of a larger effort.

"Everyone keeps saying, 'oh, you're such a hero, everyone keeps coming up and shaking my hand and I think it's not just me. The coastguard, the helicopter pilot, Tanya (Allen)," he told the Manchester Evening News, "I'm just the fella that jumped in."



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