01/28/2013 07:41 pm ET

School Proposal: Teacher's Third-Grade Students Help Pop The Question (VIDEO)

When third grade teacher Megan Stingley got engaged, it was actually her students who popped the question.

Stingley's students lined up inside her classroom, each holding a rose and letters that spelled out "Will you marry." Her groom-to-be, Josh Kardatzke, also stood in the classroom wearing a shirt that said, "Me." In a video of the proposal Kardatzke posted to YouTube on Saturday, the kids shout, "Will you marry me?" when Stingley walks into the room.

According to Kardatzke and Stingley's Facebook pages, the proposal took place on Thursday. The pair live in Oklahoma City. Watch the entire proposal in the video above.

These aren't the only students who have been a part of a marriage proposal. One Michigan teacher was proposed to during a school assembly in Dec. 2012 -- her boyfriend was dressed as the school mascot!

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Marriage Proposal Stories From Reddit

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