01/28/2013 06:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

BoomTown: Sean Hannity Exposes Washington D.C.

Sean Hannity devoted his Friday show to Washington D.C., or as guest Peter Schweizer put it "the parallel universe that is Washington D.C." Along with guest Stephen Bannon, the three men explored ideas of wealth, privilege, lobbying and patronage in the nation's capital.

DCist's Martin Austermuhle summarized the special and the critiques of same:

In short, Hannity and two contributors uncovered just how decadent our lifestyles really are. Calling us everything from an "imperial city" to "Versailles," the three exposed our fascination with sporty Italian cars (there are Maserati dealerships in Maryland and Virginia!) and fine wines (we drink more than anyone else in the country!). They put the blame on runaway federal spending, saying that as the budget has grown, so to has our appetite for voraciously feeding at the federal trough. (Note to self: pick up daily share of taxpayer money that we D.C. residents receive on a daily basis; buy sporty Italian car.)

OK, we'll set aside our sarcasm aside—and put down the snifter—for just a second. Hannity isn't making a new point. In fact, and somewhat ironically, he's making a point that plenty of left-wingers often make: lobbyists (often former members of Congress) make it their job to suck as much federal spending or legislative favors out of Congress as possible for their clients. In the process, they make a lot of money for themselves. And yes, the defense contractors that take in so many billions on a yearly basis do call the Washington region home, offering employment to plenty of people who make good salaries, enjoy comfortable lives and (maybe now and then) buy sporty Italian cars and drink fine wines. Finally, one thing is undeniable: much of this is funded by your taxpayer dollars.

In addition to quick cuts of wineries in Virginia, car dealerships in Maryland and zoomed in shots of construction sites, the program also featured a wealth of pronouns. "They," "we," "them" and "people" were used instead of names for the duration of the program.

Maybe we're just like any other town. Schweizer ends his second segment with what he referred to as an "ironic statement": "It's a town that has its rich. And also has its poor."

Or not like any other town. As Stephen Bannon put it, "Washington controls the money."

Austermuhle noted that "with 'Boomtown,' Hannity did what Hannity often does: cut a whole lot of corners to make an ideological point about the evils of a big government."

According to Fox News, the program is, "A must watch!" Judge for yourself below.



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