01/29/2013 12:27 am ET

Taco Bell Super Bowl Commercial 2013: Grandpa And Friends Live Mas In 'Viva Young' (VIDEO)

Apparently there's something about tacos that brings out the flasher in us -- no matter how old we are. You'll have to watch Taco Bell's new Super Bowl commercial to understand.

Taco Bell released its Super Bowl spot late Monday, building on its "Live Mas" campaign with a geriatric gang of mischief-makers.

The ad begins with 87-year-old Mr. Goldblatt bidding good night at the retirement home. He and his posse then proceed to sneak out for a way-past-the-early-bird-special bacchanal of pool-trespassing, firecracker-lighting and other naughty activities.

Of course, the wild bunch ends the night at Taco Bell, perhaps turning back the clock just a tick too long. (Watch above to see what happens.)

Last week, Taco Bell previewed the ad with a snippet of Mr. Goldblatt, joy riding on a scooter -- but it was just a tease; that segment is not in the final commercial. (The chain also has a pre-game ad, which hasn't been released, a spokesman for the agency behind the campaign, Deutsch L.A., told The Huffington Post.)

Taco Bell parent Yum! Brands has been a big player in the Super Bowl, spending $67 million on ads throughout the past 10 years, according to 24/7 Wall St.

Away from the big game, Taco Bell was recently accused of committing a marketing fumble.

The fast-food chain released a commercial for its 12-pack of tacos saying that bringing vegetables to a party is "like punting on fourth and one." Health advocates objected to the message, prompting the chain to pull the ad, the Associated Press reports.