01/28/2013 10:04 pm ET

Terri Carlson, Health Insurance Blogger: Marry A Soldier To Get Coverage

When Terri Carlson launched a website called "Will Marry For Health Insurance," she says she got thousands of marriage proposals from individuals willing to help her obtain coverage for her rare genetic disorder. Many of those proposals, she claims, came from military service members.

"I had probably 12,000 military men that asked for my hand in marriage," Carlson told HuffPost Live. "They make $10,000 more as a married person in the military than a single person."

Carlon never took any of the men up on the offer, but she has maintained her website as a way to advise Americans on the unconventional ways they may qualify for health insurance, even with pre-existing conditions. Tip No. 3 on her list is to "marry a military man."

Carlson calls it a "win-win" situation, with the service members getting more money and their spouses obtaining excellent health insurance benefits.

"Is there ever a good reason to get married other than for love? Yeah, life and death," Carlson told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd. "There are people who are literally losing their life. They have no health insurance. They're going to lose their home. They're going to lose their life savings. … In situations like that, when you're talking life and death, yeah, you would marry to save your life and get the treatment that you need."

Ultimately, Carlson says she obtained health insurance by establishing a fictitious small business with her son, another option she details on her website and explained to HuffPost Live.

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