01/28/2013 11:18 am ET Updated Mar 30, 2013

Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad 'Get Happy': Car Company Debuts Its 2013 Commercial (VIDEO)

Volkswagen debuted its 2013 Super Bowl commercial on Monday.

The game day ad, called "Get Happy," is set in an drab office environment. One sunny employee brightens his co-workers' days with his cheerful disposition and rides in his Volkswagen.

Volkswagen's 2011 Super Bowl ad called "The Force" featuring a young boy pretending to be Darth Vader was an instant hit. The car company's 2012 ad "The Dog Strikes Back" built upon "The Force's" popularity. "Get Happy" seems most closely aligned with the company's ad "Smiles," which debuted in September.

According to USA Today, the company has not disclosed the cost of the ad but "Volkswagen could spend close to $10 million — far more than any other single marketing expense on tap for the German carmaker in 2013."



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