01/28/2013 05:07 pm ET Updated Jan 29, 2013

Washington Humane Society Brings Puppies To George Washington Law School

WASHINGTON -- Law school isn't ordinarily this sweet and cuddly.

On Wednesday, the Washington Humane Society will be bringing puppies and kittens to George Washington Law School, for a wiggly study break.

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Dogs And Cats At GW Law School

WHS became involved with the law school through professor Joan Schaffner, who directs the school's animal law program, advises the GW Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and fosters Humane Society cats.

"Joan and SALDF organize the whole study break aside from bringing the animals," says WHS spokesperson Lauren Green. "They work with the school to allow animals in places animals would otherwise not be allowed. They set up the dog pen in the lounge area and provide all the supplies. The students staff the event and create a schedule to ensure that the animals are monitored at all times, including taking the dogs out for regular potty breaks."

This is WHS's second time bringing animals to the law school for study breaks. Green says that WHS is not looking to expand its program to other law schools -- but, future lawyers, take heart: There are other law schools in the D.C. area, like George Mason University School of Law, also offering students stress-relieving access to cute animals.

"I don't know if it's going to help me with exams," one GMU law student told the Washington Post, while holding a dog. "But it helps me feel better now."

Yale Law School is thought to have started the puppies-in-law-school trend -- yes, trend -- in 2010, when the law library began lending out a border terrier mix named Monty for thirty-minute periods around exam time.

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