01/29/2013 05:27 pm ET

6 Things You Won't Miss About High School Once You're In College

By Shanthi

I was browsing through the Internet and stumbled upon an article titled “Why You Truly Never Leave High School.” Sad enough, it’s really the truth, whether we admit it or not. What really blew my mind was that one of the people profiled, Larry, was never one of the popular kids in high school and even now wanted to go to a high school party. Guess what Larry does for a living now? He has received a TONY NOMINATION for the score of LEGALLY BLONDE! Why would a man like that still care about high school?!?!?

High school is a very interesting time in a person’s life, even more so than college. I think what makes it so “interesting” is that we aren’t really adults yet, but we try to act like it. Our changing bodies and emotional states of mind certainly don’t add well to the mix, and only further contribute to our madness.

My high school experience wasn’t really traumatic or anything, but there were definitely moments that I look back on now and cringe. You know what moments I am talking about! To this day, when I see old classmates on Facebook, I ask myself the million-dollar question, what was I thinking?!?! (Usually followed by a smirk and the statement: "If only they could see me now!")

I am pretty sure all of us can look back and think wow, I have changed so much since then! I know I have and I wouldn’t want to go back to that 14-year-old high-school me for anything! Not even if you paid me a billion dollars! So let’s take a moment to reminisce about how far we come and look back at the things we DON’T miss about high school!

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6 Things You Won't Miss About High School