01/29/2013 09:06 am ET

How To Drink From The Carton

Facebook: Ferny Coipel

Only via social media would your friends be able to so easily share their ingenius tips and tricks on all aspects of life. The tip for this week, courtesy of our Facebook friends, is how to drink straight from the carton without the nuissance of hitting your nose on its lip. (We're not even going to touch on the issue of sanitation.)

For some people, drinking from the carton is a matter of laziness. This tip is not for those people. This tip is for those who are so intent on having a pleasant carton-drinking experience that they're willing to make an effort toward improving it. These people might drink from the carton because of their rebellious nature or because they just prefer it. Either way, if you belong to the latter group, this tip's for you.

Here it is:

If you're like me, then you enjoy skipping the 'pour it into a cup' step and just do the 'drink out of the carton thing.' However, manufacturers haven't caught up to us yet, so here is a little trick that I do to help not smash your nose on the carton top and give you a better angle on the container so you don't spill any as you pour it into your mouth. It's a simple cut-out solution. Snip and Enjoy!!!!

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