01/29/2013 06:02 pm ET Updated Mar 31, 2013

George Washington University Hosts Crisis Response Role-Play Event (LIVE VIDEO)

Bill Richardson, Fred Thompson and a collection of current and former members of Congress and the media are role-playing crisis response at a live event at George Washington University Tuesday evening.

The crisis begins in Europe and spreads to the United States, where Reps. Scott Rigell (R-Va.), Donna Edwards (D-Md.), reporter James Fallows, blogger Farai Chideya and Pam Iorio, a former Tampa mayor, will respond in real time. Frank Sesno, former Washington bureau chief for CNN, now of the School of Media & Public Affairs, hosts the event, which you can watch live above.

The event is produced by Face the Facts USA along with AmericaSpeaks and the Bipartisan Policy Center.



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