01/29/2013 06:46 pm ET

Guy Praisler, Hero New York MTA Passenger, Grabs Wheel And Stops Bus When Driver Blacks Out (VIDEO)

No traffic snarls faze these two New Yorkers. Not even a crash.

According to the New York Daily News, two heroic passengers took action Monday night as an MTA bus careened out of control for four blocks in Manhattan's Upper East Side. The harrowing ride, in which several cars were struck, left six people with minor injuries.

"I just grabbed the wheel," said Guy Praisler, 35. "I tried to lean him back and steer a little bit. I pushed his leg to the side and was able to bring us to a stop."

The driver, 61-year-old Kevin Prendergast, lost consciousness, according to witnesses. Another passenger, Arkady Krutkovich, 43, helped him move out of the way.

The Daily Mail reported that Prendergast woke up after the bus had stopped. Eighteen passengers were on board at the time.

Four riders and two others –- a driver of a car that was struck and a person riding in a taxi –- were admitted to Lenox Hill Hospital, ABC reported.

At the scene, Praisler, who is a daily commuter, wished his driver well.

"I just feel really bad for the driver," Praisler told the New York Post. "He's a really nice guy."



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