01/29/2013 07:04 am ET Updated Jan 29, 2013

'Intervention': Man's Wife Fights To Keep Him From Going To The Intervention And Rehab (VIDEO)

For seven years, 32-year-old Sean has been consumed by his alcoholism. By the time of his appearance on "Intervention," Sean was drinking up to a gallon of vodka a day. His alcohol habit was costing him as much as $1,000 a week. But while his parents were trying to save his life via an intervention, his wife Jules wanted nothing to do with it.

Jules was desperate to keep Sean from participating as well. She feared that if he got clean, he would leave her. So when she found out about his parents plans to stage an intervention, she freaked out on them and the camera crew.

She acknowledged that he was sick, and said she was doing what she could. The truth, though, was that Jules often joined her husband on his binge drinking.

She locked herself inside her house, called a taxi and used the taxi driver’s cell phone to call Sean and warn him about what was happening. Luckily, Sean still agreed to attend the intervention. His wife begged him not to go, but Sean acknowledged that he needed it.

After treatment, Sean is now sober, happier and healthier. He returned home to live with his wife, who did not seek treatment for herself. She says that she doesn't drink around Sean anymore.

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