01/29/2013 11:49 am ET Updated Jan 29, 2013

Michael Drysch, Miami Heat Fan Who Sank Half-Court Shot, Takes The 'HuffPost Live 75-Cent Challenge' (VIDEO)

Michael Drysch, the Miami Heat fan who won $75,000 after hitting a half-court shot during halftime of the Heat-Pistons game Friday night, appeared on HuffPost Live to tell the story of the shot and what it was like to get tackled by the NBA MVP LeBron James.

The Ohio man entered the contest on James' website, and when he was selected, was flown to Miami to try to sink the $75,000 shot. Instead of taking a two-handed jumpshot, Drysch hoisted a Kareem-style hook shot that was nothing but net. Lebron rushed the court, tackled Drysch and the rest is history. Drysch told HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill that he had just a week and a half to practice his shot but that he didn't practice all that much for the $75K shot. As Drysch put it to Marc, "who practices for a half-court shot?"

To test whether Drysch's magic shot was just a stroke of luck, Marc set up the "HuffPost Live 75-Cent Shot" where Drysch had to shoot a Nerf ball into a hoop held by HuffPost Live stage director Brad Hennessy. To see whether Michael Drysch's lightning struck twice, watch the clip above.