01/29/2013 01:23 pm ET Updated Jan 29, 2013

Monkey In A Snowsuit Charms The Internet, Hops Around In The Snow (VIDEO)

The IKEA Monkey may have met his match in the newly discovered video, featuring the adorably garbed Snowsuit Monkey.

Snowsuit Monkey hails from Russia, where its owners videotaped its exploits exploring -- well, hopping -- around in the snow.

At one point, the monkey topples into a drift, and someone reaches over to brush snow off its face. The monkey, dressed in a green, belted snowsuit, seems perplexed by the sensation of snow on its fur.

In December, a Japanese macaque named Darwin escaped his crate and wandered around an IKEA store in Toronto, becoming a viral sensation. However, it turned out that Darwin's owner was in violation of a prohibited animal bylaw, according to Reuters, and the animal was sent to a sanctuary.

The monkey in the snowsuit has not been identified by species, but it could be a rhesus macaque monkey, native to Asia, which has been known to adapt to living in human communities, according to National Geographic.

Some members of the species are no strangers to press coverage -- or a life on the road. A rhesus macaque eluded wildlife authorities in Florida for over three years before being caught in 2012, according to the New York Times. The United States sent its first monkey, a rhesus macaque named Albert, into space aboard a V2 rocket in 1948, according to Live Science. Iran said this week that it had successfully sent a monkey into space for the first time; according to New Scientist, Iran's space monkey is also a rhesus macaque.

The Star notes that there are many reasons why the monkeys do not necessarily make good pets. For example, they are sometimes aggressive towards humans and can carry dangerous diseases without showing symptoms.

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