01/29/2013 03:37 pm ET

Phillip Walker Sailors, Georgia Man, Accused Of Killing Man Who Mistakenly Pulled Into His Driveway

A Georgia man is accused of killing a man whose GPS system mistakenly led him to the wrong house.

Phillip Walker Sailors, a 69-year-old resident of Lilburn, Ga., was arrested and charged with murder for the death of Rodrigo Abad Diaz, a 22-year-old Cuban immigrant, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Passengers in Diaz's car say they were on their way to pick up a girl to go ice skating around 10 p.m. when their GPS led them to the wrong address, according to Fox 5. As they waited in the driveway, the owner came out with a gun. He fired two shots: one in the air and one that killed Diaz.

Sailors' lawyer says his client feared for his life.

“He is very distraught over the loss of life from the defense of his home," he told WSB-TV. "This incident happened late in the evening hours when he was home with his wife and he assumed it was a home invasion and he maintains his innocence."

Sailors, a war veteran and former missionary with no known criminal history, is currently being held without bond on charges of malice murder, according to the station.

This is not the first time an armed homeowner has been charged with murder.

In November, Minnesota resident Byron David Smith allegedly shot and killed two unarmed teenagers, whom he reportedly found in his house on Thanksgiving Day. The teenage cousins, ages 18 and 17, were said to be in the midst of a break-in when Smith allegedly shot them multiple times with his Mini 14 rifle and 22-caliber revolver.

According to authorities, Smith admitted to firing "more shots than I needed to" and reportedly was proud of "a good clean finishing shot" that killed one teen, the Associated Press reports. He was charged with two counts of second-degree murder