01/30/2013 05:56 pm ET

Women And Stress: Twitter Users Tell Us Their Biggest Stressors

Maybe it's because it's late January -- the icy air, the short days, the slow crumbling of New Year's resolutions -- but there has been a lot of talk lately, in both the office and around the blogosphere, about how to reduce stress.

Of course, tackling stress involves more than just realizing you're stressed. Once you've taken time to recognize (and accept) that you're stressed out, it's time to look at your life and see just what is causing all of that pressure and anxiety. Is it trouble at work? A difficult relationship with a friend? Or is it just the inability to cram everything you need -- and want -- to do in a day? And once you've done that, a good way to start letting go of that stressor is by sharing it with others, so you're not carrying it silently.

We asked our Twitter followers "What is the biggest stressor in your life right now?" and they responded with a variety of experiences that we're guessing a lot of other readers can identify with. Check out our slideshow to see their responses, and share your own biggest stressor -- or any advice you have for those who shared -- in the comments.

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What's the biggest stressor in your life?