01/30/2013 09:14 am ET

Angel Wing Sugar Cubes Are Too Adorable To Eat (PHOTO)

Dean & Deluca

When it comes to Valentine's day foods, we could easily pass on the heart-shaped cakes, cookies and cucumbers that dominate the scene. Actually, we'd be happy not to see them at all. But there's one Valentine's Day-inspired treat we can't resist, and that's these too-cute-to-eat angel wing sugar cubes.

The angel wing sugar cubes are meticulously handcrafted by Chambre de Sucre, a 270-year-old family-owned Japanese company. The sugar cubes are designed to rest on the lid of your mug or champagne glass -- which is exactly where they should stay. (How could anyone intentionally drop these adorable sugar cubes into their beverage?)

You can buy these sugar cubes at Dean & Deluca for $26 (which gets you 1.8 oz). While we know that's a lot to spend on such a small amount of sugar, we think they just might be worth it.

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