01/30/2013 07:39 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

'Drinks With Dad' Bill Killed By Colorado Lawmakers, Would Have Allowed Teens To Drink Legally With Adult Supervision

Save the date for drinks with dad, because it's not going to happen until you're 21.

A bill that would have legalized public consumption of alcohol for 18-year-olds under parental supervision died in a Senate committee Wednesday afternoon on a 1-4 vote.

"If I want my daughter to have margaritas with me, then I would invite her over to my house and I would mix them at home," Sen. Evie Hudak, D-Westminster, said.

State Sen. Greg Brophy (R-Wray), told the Associated Press he got the idea after he and his wife took his daughter out for her birthday and couldn't buy her a drink because she was one year shy of 21.

In an interview with Fox News' Ship Smith, Brophy said he thought the bill could be tough to pass.

"A lot of legislators love the idea, but after the special interests groups, you know, turn loose on it, who knows what'll happen," Brophy said.

When Smith asked Brophy what kinds of special interest groups he was talking about, Brophy responded, "Well you'll end up with Mothers Against Drunk Driving of course," adding later that there are groups who just "don't like that demon rum."

However there are groups outside of MADD that have actually expressed concern about the bill. Like the Colorado Restaurant Association and the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police.

"It puts all the burden of making the decisions of who can and can't be served onto our servers and our operators," Pete Meersman, CEO of the Colorado Restaurant Association told ABC News.

Currently there are 11 states -- Connecticut, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, Wyoming -- that allow 18-year-olds to drink alcohol with parental approval.

In Colorado, 18-year-olds may drink alcohol on private property with parental consent.



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