01/30/2013 04:28 pm ET

Dog Retrieves Mail: Postal Worker Films The Best Part Of His Day (VIDEO)

Mailmen and dogs haven't always gotten along, but that's definitely not the case here.

For this U.S. postal worker, the best part of his day comes when he delivers mail to the home of a helpful golden retriever.

In recent Youtube video, the letter carrier pulls up outside a house and waits for the dog to fetch the mail. Before he even stops the truck, the pup charges out of the home and jumps onto the fence, resting his front paws over the railing.

Taking the envelope in his mouth, the adorable canine turns once more before getting a gentle nudge from the mailman to deliver the mail to his owner.

"Best part of my day," the postal worker concludes.

Ours too, man. Ours too.

(h/t Reddit)