01/30/2013 11:22 am ET Updated Jan 30, 2013

Kelly Helleson, Texas Trooper Suspected Of 'Humiliating' Body Cavity Search, Faces Firing (VIDEO)

The female trooper caught on video allegedly violating two women on a Texas highway may get fired.

Kelly Helleson, who is currently on paid suspension after Angel and Ashley Dobbs sued her and another trooper, has one final chance to make her case in front of the Department of Public Safety before she is terminated, the Associated Press reports.

On July 13, Helleson was asked by another trooper to search the two women because they were "acting weird" during a traffic stop. The women claim that they were then subjected to a "humiliating" body cavity search that included Helleson using her fingers to search inside both of their genital areas, KVUE reports.

"I was molested, I was violated, I was humiliated in front of other traffic," Angel Dobbs told KVUE. "I had to watch my niece go through the same thing and I could not protect her at that point."

Officers didn't find contraband. The Dobbs' attorney called the searches a sexual assault when the lawsuit was filed on Dec. 17.

The case now awaits review by a Dallas County grand jury. Public safety director Steve McCraw has already made a preliminary decision to terminate Helleson, but she has an opportunity to meet with him before the decision is final.