01/30/2013 05:58 pm ET

Milan Pique's Future: What Is Ahead For Shakira And Pique's Baby Boy?

Last week, pop singer Shakira and soccer player Gerard Piqué announced the birth of their first son Milan Piqué Mebarak. Born on January 22 at 21:36 in Barcelona, Spain, just like his parents, the baby's sun sign is Aquarius, which for many says a lot about what the future holds for him.

News about the arrival of the Colombian and Spanish stars's newborn spread like wildfire around the world, along with speculations of how the baby will grow up to be. Will he look like his mom? Will he be an athlete like his daddy? Will he like to play soccer, or prefer to play instruments?

We asked Diana, The Astrologer, a long time collaborator of our sister site in Spanish HuffPost Voces, who specializes in astrology and tarot reading, to find out more about what the sun and the moon can anticipate for us.

“He will be friendly, curious, very communicative and versatile. All this is reinforced by the influence of Aquarius, very marked; originality and innovation will be very present throughout his life, as well as a great need for freedom,” says Diana.

Only time will determine the way little Milan will turn out to be, but for now you can enjoy a sneak peak of how the astrologer pictures his life below.

The Future Of Shakira and Piqué's Baby


Baby Milan Piqué Mebarak