Paolo Ceric GIF Art: Artist's Computer-Animated Graphics Are Mesmerizing

While GIFs may reign supreme on the Internet when it comes to cats and fails, the animated images (which stand for Graphics Interchange Format) have slowly made inroads in the art world as an increasing number of artists are adapting to the format.

Croatian student Paolo Ceric has followed in the same vein, boasting a lengthy repertoire of mesmerizing GIFs on his Tumblr. The 22-year-old has no formal background in visual art, but he derives a great deal of his inspiration from patterns and textures he views in his everyday life. Once he has a basic idea, it takes him anywhere from an hour to a few days to complete a GIF.

"If used right, [GIFs] can give some sort of a meditative feel to the animation, which I'm often looking for," Ceric told the Huffington Post in an e-mail, adding that he loves the never-ending loop aspect of the format.

See a few examples of Ceric's GIF art in the gallery below, and view his Tumblr to see the rest of his animated artwork.

Paolo Ceric's Animated GIF Art