01/30/2013 07:46 am ET

'Southie Rules' Premiere: Son Strips To Pay Bills, Accidentally Gets Naked In Front Of His Mother (VIDEO)

The Niedzwiecki family are at the heart of the new A&E reality series "Southie Rules." The show chronicles the day-to-day hijinks that the multigenerational family gets involved with in South Boston. There are ten people under one roof, and yet only three of them have jobs. So this premiere explored how they manage to pay bills.

The concept is "Bill Roulette," and it's pretty much what it sounds like. Each month they pick a bill at random and they're responsible for making sure that bill gets paid, no matter what it takes to do it. Poor Jon drew the short straw this month when he got the $800 heating bill.

He tried selling some porcelain dolls he'd picked up at a garage sale, only to find that they were fakes. When that plan was a bust, he decided to go with his natural assets. He booked a gig as a stripper for a bachelorette party.

When all else fails, shake what your mama gave you. Unfortunately, his mom showed up just as he stripped off the last bit of clothing, revealing himself to the women in attendance, as well as the woman who brought him into this world. She drug him home, but not before he made enough money for that bill.

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