01/30/2013 02:06 pm ET

Taylor Swift Broke Up With Harry Styles Because He Wasn't Circumcised & More Ridiculous Rumors

Taylor Swift gets a lot of flak for her revolving door of suitors, and while it's expected that her high-profile breakups would be subject to scrutiny and speculation, this is just ridiculous.

Swift and her latest boy toy, One Direction's Harry Styles, ended their two-month romance at the beginning of January after they reportedly had a "blow-up" fight while on vacation. Neither Swift nor Styles has spoken about their split or offered any clues as to why it didn't work out -- but that hasn't stopped the speculation and some very laughable rumors.

The National Enquirer claims the real reason the couple split was that Styles was "sick and tired of Taylor nagging him" about his uncircumcised penis.

"Taylor didn’t like the fact that English-born Harry was not circumcised – she even suggested he undergo surgery," a source who claimed to be close to the boy band member told the tabloid, adding "Harry made it clear he had no intention of changing anything. He asked her not to mention it again. But Taylor never missed the chance to poke fun or make a comment. At first, Harry just rolled his eyes and tried to ignore her, but the final straw came when she suggested once again that he get snipped."

Well, that definitely would be grounds for a "blow-up" fight, but somehow we really don't think this happened -- nor do we really believe that their split was due to the 23-year-old's alleged obsession with antiquing. Sources told RadarOnline that Styles wanted to go out to bars and clubs, but Swift was more interested in talking about antiques.

And if that weren't enough of a reason to break up, consider that other sources told the website that Styles got bored with Swift because she "doesn’t put out."

If that one takes you back to your high school days, just remember that Styles is only 18 years old.



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